Proudest fathers and entrepreneurs

Proudest fathers and entrepreneurs

April 30, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 0 comments

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What does a home decoration wholesale company, a foundry and a printing store all have in common? All three are run by men with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and vision!

Rafael Tactuk owns a home decoration wholesale company. His daughter Rosario works as an administrative assistant to learn more about the business.

Rafael is a born business man who likes diversifying into other sectors, such as real state and agriculture. He’s very cautious when it comes to lending money from Banco Ademi, saying “before even thinking about applying for another loan, I want to repay my current loan with Banco Ademi. This way I avoid the risk of over-indebtedness.”

Rafael talking about the quality of flowers to Rosario – Photo: Pedro Genaro

Ysidro Alanao runs the family-owned foundry with his sister. Thanks to Banco Ademi’s financing, he was able to modernize the machinery and expand the business. When Ysidro’s son (now 16) graduates from school, he will work in the factory before taking learning how the office runs.

Ysidro says “it’s very important to know every operational aspect of the business to be able to manage it”. He also gives high importance to supporting the development of his employees and understanding their needs.

Ysidro’s foundry produces spare parts – Photo: Pedro Genaro

Arialdis Alfonso has run his printing business for more than 40 years. Of his seven children, only his daughter Marielle works with him. He is very proud of what he has achieved, however he wants to grow his business further.

Arialdis  said, “in 40 years, I have built a good reputation among my customers. In the future, I want to buy my own store, larger than this one, so I can buy more machinery and offer other services.”

Arialdis and Marielle make a good team – Photo: Pedro Genaro

Rafael, Ysidro and Arialis are very glad that the family businesses they started will be run by their children in the future. But for now, they focus on developing their businesses even further thanks to the support of Banco Ademi. 


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