Insights into the country and region

Insights into the country and region

April 29, 2014 - by Blanca Méndez - 1 comment

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The study tour’s first meeting will provide insights into Oikocredit’s work in the region and country. The Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean (MCAC) region does not have a ‘one size fits all strategy’ - responding and adapting to the demands and needs in each country/area.

This means each country has a different focus. Country offices play a key role in identifying the demands and needs of partners and monitoring and building good relationships with them.

Study tour kick-off session – Photo: Pedro Genaro

In the Dominican Republic (DR), the national poverty rate (the percentage of the population living below the national poverty line) reduced from around 50% in 2004 to approximately 40% in 2013.

When comparing a map of national poverty and a map showing women’s participation in the labour market, they were basically the same, indicating that the areas with the highest levels of poverty are also the areas where women are unemployed.

Women also remain the most vulnerable and the group that is mostly denied access to financial access in the commercial system. This is one the reasons that Oikocredit DR finances microfinance institutions with a particular focus on women’s financial inclusion.

It’s time for the first group photo


  1. Luuk ArensLuuk Arens Wrote on April 29, 2014 at 2:40:37 PM

    Hi Blanca, good luck with the study tour. I'll be following your blog posts!

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