Visits in the field

Visits in the field

February 13, 2013 - by Aline uit den Boogaart - 0 comments


We had another full day today visiting branches of Saint Louis Finance, a microfinance institution which Oikocredit is a shareholder.

We were able to join the credit committee of the microcredit team and hear them discuss the loans and ask them as many questions as we wanted. The head of the team, Aïssatou, was patient and explained every step in the process for getting a group loan.

In the afternoon we visited the local branch of Mpal and were able to visit two clients with individual loans. After we took part in a meeting of a local lending group. They were in their 3rd loan cycle, which means that they - as a group - already have recieved and repaid two loans and have now started the 4 weekly installments of the loan. All women had different businesses. After our visit we went back to Saint Louis where we had a meeting with the CEO of Saint Louis Finance, Mr Philippe Couteau.

It was a full day with many new faces and so many more new stories.


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