Delle Tiongson-Brouwers

Delle Tiongson-Brouwers
Asian Social Institute (ASI)

Delle Tiongson joined Oikocredit in 1997 as a project support officer for Asia. Oikocredit then adapted its recruitment policy to include international staff from the Global South who not only had an understanding of people’s development issues, but also had direct experience of the related objectives, processes and methodologies. Delle held the position of deputy director, loans and investments in the international office until her retirement in 2012.

Before joining Oikocredit, Delle had decades of experience in evaluating the social development relevance of projects in the Philippines. These were undertaken for various European development funding agencies who wanted to ensure that their assistance would go to grassroots communities whose role in social change and transformation were clear.

Delle holds a bachelor’s degree in social service from Maryknoll College in Quezon City Philippines and pursued her master’s degree in social work at the University of the Philippines.

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