The 90s

The 90s mark EDCS's first fair trade loan. A new managing director takes the reins in 1994. The Asian Financial Crisis strikes, putting serious economic pressure on the region, but EDCS is still able to pay out a dividend to investors.


1999-new-logo.jpg EDCS changes its name to Oikocredit. More


1998-money.jpg The idea of creating a local currency fund is suggested, although lending in local currency has been done since the 80s. More


1997 AGM, Thailand EDCS's (Oikocredit) Annual General Meeting is held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. More


Gert van Maanen, 1994 Gert van Maanen is appointed EDCS's (Oikocredit) third managing director. More


AGM 1992 Oikocredit approves its 200th loan. More


People Tree, 1991 EDCS approves its first fair trade loan to Max Havelaar, the Dutch campaign and certification group responsible for the Fairtrade mark. More

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