The 80s

EDCS makes many advances in the 80s, extending investment opportunities to individuals and turning over its first operating profit. By the end of the decade, EDCS has approved its 100th loan.


Sally Bulatao, 1989 EDCS disburses its 100th loan and pays out its first dividend to investors, proving that investing in developing countries has both social and financial strength. More


AGM Buenos Aires, 1988 The International Share Foundation is created, which allows individuals to invest from anywhere in the world. More


Solidaridad, 1986 EDCS has its first operating profit. More


Doug Brunson, 1985 Douglas Brunson becomes EDCS's (Oikocredit) second managing director. More


Bee-keeping in Turkey, 1982 EDCS (Oikocredit) has 16 project partners in 12 countries, including Turkey and Surinam. More


Oikocredit on the NYT front page, 1981 EDCS features in The New York Times. More


Puno, Peru 1980 EDCS (Oikocredit)’s first Latin American office opens in Peru and in the same year the first loan for the region is disbursed: USD 350,000 to Puno, Peru. More

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