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Máxima and Shobha Arola Oikocredit celebrates the fact that it has disbursed 1 billion euros of funds. More


Divine Chocolate Oikocredit announces 2008 as the Year of Fair Trade and emphasizes its support for fair trade organizations through loans, credit lines, equity investments and guarantees. More


Tor Gull and Muhammad Yunus Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Foundation are awarded the Nobel Peace prize for creating economic and social development from below. More


Maxima in Kenya 2005 is named the Year of Microcredit by the United Nations. More


Tor G. Gull Tor G. Gull takes over from Gert van Maanen as Oikocredit's fourth managing director. More


Meeting the Pope The UN develops and adopts the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be achieved by 2015. More